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Miyabi Tropical Engine Coolant Compound


  • Engine Corrosion Coolant with Molybdate technology.
  • Provides effective corrosion protection for all engine
    cooling system.
  • Inhibits scale formation.
  • Suitable for most metals.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Extremely low toxicity compared to other traditional coolant
  • Low depletion rates of scale and corrosion inhibitors under normal use.
  • Meets phosphate-free requirements of European
  • Meets silicate-free requirements of Japanese

Suitable for

  • Passenger gasoline and diesel engine cars.
  • Heavy duty diesel engines (on road).
  • Construction plants & equipment.
  • Small and medium generators (less than 1,000KVA).

Service Intervals

  • Passenger cars, light trucks/commercial vehicles
    - 60,000km or 2 years
  • Heavy duty diesel engines (on road)
    -40,000km or 18 months
  • Construction Plants & Equipments
    - 2,000 hours
  • Small and medium generators (< 1,000 KVA)
    - 2,000
  • 1 to 5 parts of soft water.
  • 5-liter and 25 liter and 200-liter packing.

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