The EnviroCar ElectroCatalyst HydrOxygen (ECHO) System is THE 21st Century breakthrough technology that allows the user to convert any brand new or existing vehicle to use both Fossil Fuel and ‘Water’ to increase the mileage of your vehicle by up to 60%. Hence you can travel a longer distance with the same amount of fuel thus saving financial costs, vehicle engine protection and most importantly better protection to the environment.

The EnviroCar ECHO System combines a variety of first grade technologies into a formidable Fuel Efficiency System that surpasses any product that the market has to currently offer in terms of fuel savings and environmentally protection.

The EnviroCar ECHO System is an easy-to-install system without major modifications to the vehicles existing system; and takes not more than two to three (2-3) hours for installation and can be removed just as fast.

The EnviroCar ECHO System can be installed into all Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG and Hybrid Vehicles thus improving fuel emissions and minimises damage to the environment and our ozone layer. In fact the ECHO System produces oxygen instead of hydrocarbons and other deadly toxins while in operation!

The EnviroCar ECHO System is also very safe for the driver and passengers as there is no requirement to store any forms of hazardous or flammable material (like CNG / LPG gas tanks) and piping which can cause a fire or explosion especially during an accident.

TheEnviroCar ECHO System is also the cheapest environmental friendly system to install and maintain compared to other systems (ie CNG / LPG and Hybrids Systems) and requires minimal maintenance, costs and does not sacrifice important space in the vehicle trunk compartment.

The EnviroCar ECHO System is a Singapore Manufactured Product and is currently being tested by the LTA and NEA for the Green Vehicle Rebate application; hence brand new car owners will be able to enjoy the much talked about Green Vehicle Rebate of up to 40% and Special Road Tax Relief when the system is approved.


  Comparison Table against other Environmental Friendly Vehicle Technologies  

  What is Octane Rating?      

Octane Rating’ means how much a fuel can be compressed before it ignites. 92 Octane ignites faster than 98 Octane fuel because it takes less compression to ignite. This fact causes the petrol to ignite before the piston is at its highest point (TDC-Top Dead Centre) of motion making it less efficient because the explosion of the low grade petrol fumes pushes the piston down and out of sequence before the piston can reach its maximum height, thus causing the ‘pinging’ noise and less power from the said low grade fuel.

The EnviroCar ECHO System causes low grade fuel to ignite more slowly making it perform like a high octane fuel, allowing the piston to reach its highest point which creates more torque.

A high octane fuel creates more horsepower due to combustion occurring much closer to the TDC where it converts to mechanical torque (rotary push) the correct way and without the ‘pinging’. Hence each piston creates more energy during its combustion cycle, thus combustion becomes more efficient and smooth. More efficient combustion translates to less fuel being consumed and more torque being produced.

  What is the ENVIROCAR ECHO SYSTEM?      

The EnviroCar ECHO System assists the engine by producing HydrOxygen when it converts the EnviroH2O (the specially designed water used in the system) into HydrOxygen. HydrOxygen is a form of high energy clean fuel which is highly combustible.

Thus by introducing the ECHO System into your vehicle, it modifies and enriches your fuel from low grade into high grade fuel economically. It also supplements and actually corrects the behaviour of the fuel hence further improving fuel economy. The HydrOxygen by itself has shown strong signs that it can actually provide enough energy to drive a vehicle by itself in the near future. Hopefully, the future generations of vehicles will be strongly linked to such clean energy soon.

The main safety issue about HydrOxygen is that Hydrogen is very unstable and Hydrogen tanks and piping can explode should there be a leak. Hence most governments are unsure whether it would be prudent to encourage such a system as a substitute for petrol. However, the ECHO System creates ‘energy-on-demand’ thereby it is extremely safe and does not require storage tanks and dangerous electrical and mechanical features.

  How much of 'Water' is needed?      
  One litre of fuel can create 100% of energy (for calculation sake). The EnviroH2O has approximately 300% of energy! Hence our EnviroH2O conceals a huge amount of energy and this energy is only created when there is demand.      
  What does the ENVIROCAR ECHO SYSTEM consists of?      

The EnviroCar ECHO System consists of the following components:

  • The ElectroCatalyser which stores the EnviroH2O and creates the HydrOxygen.
  • The PCV Separator which improves fuel economy by removing all unwanted sludge and water which creates more emissions and chokes the engine.
  • The Fuel Booster which pre-heats the fuel allowing liquid fuel expansion into gaseous form before combustion.
  • The MAP Sensor Reducer which electronically adjusts your fuel requirement accordingly.
  • Other Hardware which includes the Vacuum T-Line Connector & Hoses, Bungee Cords, Fuses, Fuse Holder, Wiring, Cable Straps, Ready-to-Hook Terminals, Splice Joints et cetera.
  • Two litres of the EnviroH2O.
  What are the benefits of the ENVIROCAR ECHO SYSTEM?      
  The following results should be almost immediate after you install the ECHO System into your vehicle.      
  • Improves mileage by up to 40%. This includes both city and highway driving conditions.
  • Minimises harmful exhaust emission that pollutes the environment that also contributes to global warming. In fact, your engine will add oxygen to the environment instead of polluting it!
  • Greatly enhances engine power and performance.
  • Removes carbon deposits and prevents further carbon build-up in the engine thus prolonging engine lifespan ie piston & valves and minimises repair costs.
  • The engine becomes more calm, smoother and quieter with smooth gearshifts due to the effect the
  • HydrOxygen has on the combustion cycle inside the engine.
  • Reduces the engine operating temperature which also causes global warming.
  • Personal pride and satisfaction as being part of a growing body against harmful emissions introduced into the atmosphere and taking responsibility of environmental protection
  • .Minimises our over dependence on fossil fuel thus extending our scarce resources.
  How much money can i save?      

If you drive an average of 500 kilometres a week and currently consume 50litres of 95 octane fuel at S$ 1.90 per litre, you can save up to S$ 40.00 a week, S$ 160.00 a month and S$ 1,920.00 a year!

Further savings is achieved when 92 octane fuel is used instead of 95 or 98 octane fuel as the ECHO System will allow the use of a lower octane fuel.

Don’t forget that you will be protecting the environment and producing more oxygen and less carbon monoxide & other poisonous gases and prolonging the lifespan of your vehicles engine! Furthermore, Engine Performance and scare booth space will not be sacrificed.

You will also be eligible to a reduction of costs for the purchase of a brand new vehicle due to the ‘Green Vehicle Rebate’ of 40% OMV and further taxes reductions in the near future!